Our university was established on May 18, 2018 as the second state university in Sivas, with the aim of educating individuals who will contribute to science and technology with research activities that respond to the needs of our age, under the guidance of national and spiritual values, and transform knowledge into technique and technique into product.  On 27/12/2018, the Rector was appointed and establishment activities were started. Sivas  University of Science and Technology  has not been divided from any other university, and no connection has been transferred from another university.

Our university started its first establishment studies in the field used as ÖSYM Provincial Coordinator within the body of Sivas Cumhuriyet University for about 2 months, then through the decision of Board of Directors of Sivas Technology Development Zone Founder and Operator Inc., the former building of Cumhuriyet Teknokent has been temporarily allocated to our Rectorate and currently the Rector’s Office and its affiliated central units operate in this building. This building has been preferred due to its proximity to the Teknopark and SCU Advanced Technology Research and Application Center, where our faculty members will work and joint projects will be carried out.

The university was established in mid-2018, however, since the appointment of the Rector was at the end of December 2018, no studies could be carried out in 2018, and our university was not included in the 2019 Budget Law. For this reason, 2019 has been recorded as the year to explain the existence of our University and take its first steps with the request and allocation of spare funds in order to start its academic, administrative, financial and structural activities.

The allocation of space for the University’s Central Campus has been approved by the relevant commission, and work is underway to transfer 820 decares of land in Sivas Merkez Kurtderesi to our Rectorate. Until our university has a connection to the city center and the central campus is ready for operation, Sivas Fair and Congress Center and the TOBB Technical High School Building in its current form in the same area have been allocated  to our University by the General Directorate of National Real Estate of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. In addition to these two main campus areas, a building in the city center that our University can use as a multi-purpose social facility is allocated to our Rectorate.

In 2019, a total of 33 academic staff, including 13 lecturers, 23 administrative staff and 25 permanent workers were recruited within the scope of the opportunities provided to our Rectorate by the procedure stipulated in the relevant legislation. The university has a total of 81 staff as of 2020.

By making the necessary studies under the guidance of YÖK, the department and program definitions were made regarding the academic units of our university in the founding law. As a result of the meetings, studies and visits made to determine the direction of Sivas University of Science and Technology, which was established as a technical university, it was decided that our University should be a “Specialized University in Defense Industry”, and 12 departments, 33 divisions and 2 programs were founded within this framework.

Our university has succeeded in accepting students in its first year and started education in the Spring Term of 2019-2020 Academic Year with postgraduate education. In line with the goal of specialization in the Defense Industry, students were admitted to the Department of Defense Technologies, which was opened within the Institute with master’s and doctoral programs. Graduate courses are taught in SCU Advanced Technology Research and Application Center (CÜTAM) within the scope of the cooperation protocol signed between our University and Sivas Cumhuriyet University. Training and R&D agreements have been signed with organizations such as TUSAŞ-TAİ, ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, TÜBİTAK-SAGE, TÜBİTAK-UZAY, which are the institutions of our country’s defense field. The academicians in these institutions will teach graduate students and also supervise theses. Cooperation protocols were signed with industrial organizations in Sivas and outside the province within the scope of university-industry collaborations.

When the necessary physical infrastructure is prepared with the state funds and other supports provided to our university, undergraduate students and associate degree students will be accepted. We aim to be one of the important centers that produce solutions for the priority needs of our country in the field of Defense Industry, as well as in agricultural technologies and applications, through graduate education studies, R&D and Projects.

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