Our Vision : The vision of our university is to be a university based on quality in education, teaching, research and management, nationally and internationally recognized, adding value to the province, region and country by using local and regional assets and values effectively on the basis of university-industry and society cooperation.

Our Mission : Our mission is to be a university that is based on ethics and social values with its education and research infrastructure and potential, and a university that stands out with an identity that produces solutions to the problems of the province, region, society and industry.

Our Fundamental Values
1. Adopting the working system based on natural resources, ecosystem and environmental sustainability,
2. Integrating with universal values while preserving local values,
3. Contributing to scientific values and taking them steps further,
4. Supporting research and development activities aimed at product and service enhancement,
5. Providing and strengthening scientific cooperation in national and international realms,
6. Contributing to regional development significantly,
7. Transparency and accountability within the framework of legal limits based on democratic administration,
8. Forming a family environment that embraces the basic values with its students, academic and administrative staff.
Our Purposes
1. Establishing academic units in line with national and international developments,
2. Establishing and strengthening of national and international student exchange programs,
3. Recruiting qualified academic staff and supporting the development of their knowledge,
4. Improving the working conditions of the administrative staff and increasing their satisfaction levels,
5. Increasing the corporate culture and motivation of employees to ensure that they are efficient at the highest level,
6. Establishing and strengthening of infrastructure for research and development activities,
7. Constructing university academic programs in accordance with the requirements of the age and increasing the level of preference,
8. Contributing to social development by providing education services to the community,
9. Creating appropriate conditions for student activities, diversifying and increasing them,
10. Establishing regional, national and international, product and solution oriented projects and increasing the number of them,
11. Ensuring Sivas Science and Technology University to reach to the highest ranks via patent, design and scientific publications in national and international arena,
12. Ensuring the adoption and dissemination of the corporate strategic plan by the staff.
  • Sivas Science and Technology University, as the 2nd State University in Sivas, was established in 2018 with 300 academic staff and will start to recruit academic and administrative personnel in 2019. The university aims to establish its staff with qualified academicians who stand out with their industry based project-based work in local and national context with its vision and mission, is young, dynamic, hardworking and competent for English education, trained at home and abroad.
  • Academic units in the founding law of Sivas Science and Technology University (SBTU) are the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Metallurgical and Materials Science Engineering and Chemical Engineering Departments are expected to be opened), Faculty of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Technologies, Institute of Science and Technology, School of Foreign Languages and the Vocational School.
  • It is planned to start our education with a postgraduate education and then with a graduate one.
  • Our university aims to specialize in the field of defense industry. In this context, our university has been asked for support to specialize in the defense industry by contacting the leading organizations of our country such as ASELSAN, ROKETSAN, TÜBİTAK SAGE, TÜBİTAK Uzay and HAVELSAN as partners of the project. The intention to cooperate was mutually confirmed.
  • In order to take part in the projects of the organizations operating in the Defense Industry, our faculty members and research assistants were interviewed and an agreement was reached for the cooperation.
  • In our province, there are Advanced Technology Research and Application Center, Nanophotonic Application and Research Center, Teknokent and Aselsan Precision Optics Factory which can be used for R&D studies and projects. In addition, the infrastructures of Cumhuriyet University in engineering, science and health sciences, etc., can be used when the infrastructure of our university is established.
  • By establishing a foundation with the support of our businessmen, we will provide incentives for the scientific studies and achievements of both our faculty and students. In addition, due to the development allowance of a newly established university, some benefits such as salary, additional course fees, project revenues, etc. are provided.
  • Sivas, with its historical, cultural, touristic values and natural resources, is a city of universities with quiet, peaceful, safe and economical living standards, home to about 55.000 students of Sivas Cumhuriyet University.

Sivas Science and Technology University, which aims to be a university specializing in product-oriented projects especially in the defense industry, is going to hire academic personnel that have completed or will finish their PhD soon and that wish to work as an academician for the mentioned academic units above. These people are kindly requested to contact us.

For further information and application:
Phone: 0346 2191398 Fax: 0346 2191678

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